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A community for anyone interested in herbs and their many uses, including the practical, medicinal, magickal and epicureal. Whether you wish to share your favorite gourmet recipe using fennel seed or discuss the curative healing properties of ginger root, feel free to share your knowledge! Gardening tips are more than welcome!

Feel free to take a look through the Memories - archived entries referenced by herb name, uses, properties, etc.

We don't have many rules here, but one thing the moderator is likely to get quite cranky about: please, when making posts in this community, please title your entry with something relevant to the subject you are discussing. Going through and working on the memories, it's frustrating to find howevermany posts all titled "Question" or "Help!" or worse... ((untitled)).

It doesn't take any more time to add a relevant subject title, and it makes it a lot easier when searching through the archives to update the memories.

Oh, and another one - please run any advertising or promotional anything by me first. My address is dotarray-at-lycos-dot-com, and all I need is a draft of your post. If it's something I feel the community as a whole would be interested in, you'll get the nod. Simple, really.
This means, unless you email me first and get the go ahead, "Hey come join my new community" is a nono, and "My online shop is having a sale" is also out.

pasdeschiens, moderator

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